Our Portfolio:


Situation: Carve-Out
Investment Date: 2020
Location: Germany
Sector: Tourism
Status: Active

Ameropa offers rail and city tours in Germany, Austria and Switzerland as well as adventure tours with destinations all over the world. The packages usually consist of hotel, travel and entertainment. Ameropa offers its products via stationary and online channels such as tour operators, travel agencies or its own website.

Find out more: www.ameropa.de

FMA Mechatronic Solutions

Situation: Succession Situation
Investment Date: 2019
Location: Liechtenstein
Sector: Mechatronics
Status: Active

FMA offers integrated electronic manufacturing services for mechatronic components within the semiconductor, water and aluminium industry. In particular, FMA is a market leader for the supply of mechatronic components for vacuum valves.

Find out more: www.fma.li/en


Situation: Carve-Out
Investment Date: 2016
Location: Germany, USA, Japan
Sector: IT
Status: Exited (Trade-Sale)

skytron energy (now AlsoEnergy) is a leading provider of software and hardware for the control and monitoring of industrial solar energy plants. With its innovative solutions, the company serves customers all over the world.

Find out more: www.alsoenergy.com