Munich, Germany / Nidau, Switzerland, November 26th, 2020

  • Liberta Partners acquires Swiss-based MedTech company in a carve-out
  • Liberta Partners aims to accelerate forteq Healthcare’s growth through its strong industrial and operational experience and to support technological and manufacturing competencies

Liberta Partners, a multi-family holding based in Munich, today announces the acquisition of a majority stake in forteq Nidau AG (“forteq Healthcare” or “the Company”), a specialist designer and manufacturer of MedTech devices predominantly focused on the pharmaceutical and laboratory industry and headquartered in Nidau, Switzerland.

Liberta Partners acquired the shares from Swiss forteq Group, as part of a corporate carve-out program. The current management team will continue to lead forteq Healthcare. To further build on the Company’s strong track record they will be supported by Liberta’s operations team and long-established experts from the pharma industry.

forteq Healthcare develops and manufactures complex medical devices that require high precision and technical production knowhow in clean room environments. The core competencies lie within complete customer solutions including the R&D phase, manufacturing and packaging solutions combined with high quality and service solution required by the pharma and laboratory industry. Thereby, forteq Healthcare is able to provide complete product development solutions from scratch. The company produces approx. 35 million medical devices p.a. Its approx. 100 employees are all based at the company’s headquarters in Nidau. With the support of Liberta Partners, forteq Healthcare plans to further develop the activities at the Nidau site and extend the services offered, especially in the areas of R&D, manufacturing, capacity expansion and packaging solutions. Thereby, it aims to meet the rising demands for MedTech devices, especially in the fast-growing segment for take-home devices.

Florian Korp and Dr. Christian Szczesny, both Partners at Liberta Partners, said: “We look forward to working together with the management team to further develop this exciting company. forteq Healthcare has established itself as a leader for the design and manufacturing for complex customer solutions. It has significant potential to grow beyond its plan and we will provide the operational and financial resources to help the Company excel its targets.”

Rune Bakke, CEO of forteq Group, added: “We welcome Liberta Partners as a new partner and see this as an important milestone in the development of forteq Healthcare. Liberta Partner’s extensive industrial and operational experience, financial strength and extended platform will support forteq Healthcare in realizing its full potential for national and international growth. forteq Healthcare’s well-established brand, services, quality commitment and its flexibility towards its customers stands out and will continue to be the key principle. We are convinced that Liberta Partners is the right partner to ensure sustainable growth.”

This is the fourth investment of Liberta Partners Fund II which closed in October 2019. The fund invests in carve-outs and successions of family-owned businesses with a strong focus on supporting the operational development of its portfolio companies.

About forteq Group
forteq Group is a global supplier of highly complex components and assemblies for the automotive and the MedTech industry. Based on more than 40 years of experience and incorporating the latest technologies, forteq Group develops, produces and sells components and assemblies from a single source. With great engineering competence and innovative solutions, forteq is committed to actively shaping the transformation in the automotive industry. The Swiss company with headquarters in Nidau (Canton of Bern) maintains sales, engineering and production activities in Europe, USA and China. Following the sale of the healthcare division, forteq Group now employs around 700 people. For further information visit:

About forteq Healthcare
forteq Nidau AG (“forteq Healthcare”) based in Nidau, Switzerland and founded in 1995 is an integral partner of the pharmaceutical industry worldwide. As such forteq provides design, development, manufacturing, assembly and packaging services for custom medical & drug delivery solutions. The team consists of 100 employees in the segments engineering, molding, assembly, logistics and quality. For further information visit:

About Liberta Partners
Liberta Partners, founded in 2016, is a multi-family holding based in Munich. Liberta Partners invests in companies predominately based in German-speaking countries with clear operational and strategic development potential, in particular corporate carve-outs and successions. We actively develop our investments within the framework of our long-term “100% Core & Care” concept. Our portfolio companies thus benefit from Liberta Partners’ innovative entrepreneurial experience. The Liberta Partners team currently consists of 12 professionals covering the areas of M&A, Operations and Legal as well as an active advisory board. For further information visit:


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